Incident Report

A list of incidents pertaining to the HSPA

[notification] 8/24/2020: The HSPA is created
[creation] 8/24/2020: Gideon creates a page
[creation] 8/24/2020: Isaiah creates a page
[creation] 8/24/2020: Les creates a page
[creation] 8/24/2020: Wutsamelon creates a page
[creation] 8/24/2020: Danii creates a page
[wayback] 8/25/2020: first wayback capture created
[archive] 8/25/2020: first archive created
[critical!] 8/25/2020: 1st attack: insensitive hypnospacian replacing text and adding headers and racial comments
[wips] 8/25/2020: first WIP system build is go
[critical!] 9/30/2020: insensitive hypnospacian identified as 'Pabink', a person who has been harassing the two mods + others under the names CHF88 and Cluckles.
[notification] 5/25/2021: Gideon begins the reboot era. ...probably.