Welcome to my Website!

So you're here, huh? Well glad to meetcha :)

Name's qwert, I'm active on


at "qwert#8769"

Whatcha think of skunks?

I am one of the people you may refer to as "skunky", as i have a skunk oc. Fella's called Foster, big fan of em myself :)

Ah.. It's broken on my end XP

Buncha basic interests

So I began palying OSRS sometime in November 2022, and for some reason I was having fun? I was just killing goblins and I was having fun :P, now I've got over a million in the Grank Bank lol. Old web came from Hypnospace, as I;m sure you've realised! Although getting into Chris~Chan did help, as well as the Something Awful forums. YTMND too!

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But yeah! Thanks for checkin it out!