woah its qwert :pog:

I'm qwert, this is my website! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION, BEING UPDATED "SOON")

I am a qwert with an interest in website creation, I don't know how to do it though bwl

Enjoy the midi I uploaded, because you can't disable it

About Me!

Jeeze, time's flying!

Written 25th December, 2022

Damn, time's sure fyling, huh? Almost been in this house for two years and it still feels new :P. Merry christmas! Got a new keyboard for christmas (which i'm using to type right now heheh.) and a buncha games :)! Just so ya know, i'm active on the Hypnospace Discord server and my tag is in my aboutme lol. Hey, if anyone knows how to get a view counter and a guestbook then please let me know! Unrelated, but I own a forum

if ya ever wanna check in! I kinda wanna meet more peop=le, yaknow? Maybe get a little website help lol. Thanks for reading!

Whew! that was a long break

Written 13th January, 2022

wow, it's been a hot minute. merry christmas and a happy new year! 2022 already, 21 flew right past us. anyways, i'm looiking for design tips to make my site more.. old, a bunch of gifs aren't cutting it. maybe i'll add a few cool pages? buncha links maybe

Second post

Written 11th December, 2021

finally got the midi working! thanks to a certain Eclipsed Moon in the hypnospace discord for helping me out, go bug em if you wanna disable the midi, i dunno how to do it. anyways, nothing else has really happened, might add some gifs

First post

Written 9th December, 2021

wow, can't belive i've gotten my site to this point. heya! i'me qwert and this is my first post here, still struggling to get it to work properly bwl. anyways, guess i gotta say some stuff, currently going through a FEW phases, just a few. sonic unleashed is an ok game and i run a twitter account as it. i would say it's my favourite game but eh, it's a drag to start up

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